A little about Balance and Being

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The opening lines on the front page of this site, Calm, Clarity, Inner strength and Finding the Power within explain just some of the remarkable  advantages of meditation or mindfulness.

My name is Irenee Gardiner and I am a licensed HEARTMATH Practitioner. For 25 years+ I have dedicated to exploring and practicing various forms of meditation and mindfulness.  And it's a continuing love and interest for me.  I realised the power of using these tools as it has been a hugely powerful tool throughout my life and for various situations.

I have shared this with many people who have also experienced the transformative benefits of practicing meditation and mindfulness.  It literally transforms those unhelpful or negative thoughts that interfere with our potentials to enjoy, relax and to direct our actions and feelings.  In the modern 'maxim' it is called being in a 'Good Head Space'.

Mindfulness is the energy that allows us to stop and be present right here and now.  Being able to connect to the body is at the heart of mindfulness.

Meditation fuels and tunes your Heart Centre or 'inner self'.

With this new-found awareness...you will find a 'balance' in your life and a way of 'being' with each moment.  Through a heart focused practice we find our own unique balance, where we are able to tune into our 'heart intelligence'.  Cultivating this practice improves our outlook on life.  You see more, do more, achieve more AND in less time.  Relationships and communication skills improve.  You become more creative, more resilient.

Your 'EQ' (emotional intelligence) comes more naturally.  You relax and flow with your environment and circumstances.

I have built a Balance and Being methodology which has come through much research and experience.

It is literally an inside job.  You look within fearlessly, and see beyond positively.